© Will Santino


Fish That Don't Exist

Due Spring 2019

FISH THAT DON’T EXIST tells the story of Aloysius Winsor Loupe, a famous zoologist who in 1930 climbs into a bathysphere and is lowered into the ocean. But when disaster strikes, the bathysphere, and Aloysius, sink to the bottom of the ocean. This graphic novel is told from the perspective of Aloysius as he continues to observe and record the increasingly incredible fish he sees as he descends on an impossible, terrifying journey towards his death. Along the way, he is obliged to confront not just the amazing creatures of the deep-sea, but also his past: his hopes, shames, regrets, lies, loves, and lusts. And he reveals, in a letter he knows no one will ever read, the secret he has kept for 50 years.